Lois at Marquette Township was pleased at how the election went at both Precincts

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Michigan’s Primary in the Upper Peninsula’s Marquette Township has a stronger than expected turn out.

Diana Truscott chats with Mary Beals and Betty Murray about the new Precinct and the higher than expected turn out

This year the township voting was divided into two precincts. 
Those that live south of US 41 went to the Township hall, and those that live North of US41 St. Christopher’s Parish .

Precinct 1- 268 voters out of 2,071 or 12.94% at St. Christopher’s Parish.

Precinct 2-  193 voters out of 1,044 18.49%. This was on the high end of the expectation.

Diana Truscott, Mary Beals, Betty Murray chat about the new [precinct and the better than expected turn out.


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