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Double Your Down Payment at Frei Chevrolet

Get an awesome truck at Frei Chevrolet
Get an awesome truck at Frei Chevrolet

Marquette, MIFebruary 8, 2019 – Despite a snowstorm the night before, the Frei Chevrolet showroom was busy on Friday as people from around the U.P. headed to Marquette to take advantage of the great prices on new and pre-owned vehicles.  Of course, even if it had still been snowing like crazy, Major Discount would have found his way down to the dealership.  He made his weekly trip to Frei Chevy to check out the awesome deals, and let the listening public in on them, too.

While he was there, the Major spoke with Frei Chevrolet sales director Andy Grundstrom, and Andy said that if you make a down payment with your tax return up to $500, Frei will match it.  With this “Doubling the Down” deal, the best vehicles available at Frei Chevy have become even more affordable than before!

If any questions remain, call the Frei Hotline at 226-2577 and get the answers you’re looking for.  Better still, go doen to the showroom and talk to one of the certified sales professionals.  They’re friendly and extremely helpful, and they’ll get you into a vehicle you like at a price you’ll love at Frei Chevrolet.

Listen to audio from the live broadcast below:

Major Discount says hello from Frei Chevrolet

The Major is joined by Andy Grundstrom

Andy and the Major talk about the 2019 Equinox

Major Discount tells you how to get Frei Chevy to match your down payment

Andy talks about the selection of trucks on the lot

The Major asks Andy about a pre-owned Malibu with low miles

Major Discount and Andy are wowed by a special edition Equinox

Andy tells you to check out the Frei Chevrolet website

The Major says come on down to Frei Chevy

Andy goes over some great options for leases

The Major asks Andy which is better, an Equinox or a Traverse

Major Discount signs off from Frei Chevrolet


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