NHL Playoffs Start Off Mucking, Grinding – – Scoring!!!

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Marquette04/12/12 – Stanley Cup Playoffs started off with 3 games scheduled in the 2012 Playoff pairings; LA Kings played the Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings faced the Nashville Predators and Philadelphia Flyers took on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

LA played a good physical game taking it to the Canucks, winning 4 -2!!

No love was lost between the Wings and the Preds from regular season play and both teams were grinding it out to the game’s end with the Pred taking the Wings, 3 – 2! (This will be a series to watch closely!)

Finally after dropping behind 3 – 0, a missed off sides call turned momentum in Philadelphia’s favor, seeing them come back and defeat the Pens in overtime, 4 – 3!!!

NHL Playoffs continue tonight with Ottawa verses N.Y. Rangers, Washington playing Boston, San Jose facing St. Louis and Chicago taking on Phoenix…we’ve ONLY JUST BEGUN, Hockey Fans!!!

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