Huron Bread Company Offers Artisan Pizza Baked in a Wood Fire Brick Oven at Ishpeming Location

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Huron Mountain Bread Company Ishpeming and Marquette Michigan Wood Fired Brick Oven Artisan Pizzas 19

Pizza Baker Sean Jacobs

Ishpeming, MI – If you’re looking for a great artisan pizza, look no further than the Huron Bread Company in Ishpeming.

We caught up with John, the owner of the Huron Mountain Bread Company to talk about their newly remodeled Ishpeming location and their newest specialty: Wood Fired Brick Oven Baked Artisan pizzas! They use the freshest ingredients and these pizzas taste amazing!

Pizza Baker Sean Jacobs wowed us with his expert dough tossing before assembling the pizza and putting it into the beautiful wood fired brick oven. The new brick oven fits in beautifully with the remodeled decor and is a natural-looking centerpiece in the bakery.

Huron Mountain Bread Company Ishpeming and Marquette Michigan Wood Fired Brick Oven Artisan Pizzas 24

A fresh-baked artisan pizza from Huron Mountain Bakery Company in Ishpeming

Eleven minutes later, Sean pulled the finished pizza out of the oven. Eleven minutes! These artisan pizzas are made to order and aren’t sitting around in a heat box, so you know you’re going to get a fresh pizza… and 11 minutes isn’t too long to wait for one of these delicious pizzas!

We got to sample a couple of the pizzas that were baked while we were there, including my personal favorite, the Margherita Pizza – it features tomates from Italy, fresh basil, fresh mozarella, extra virgin olive oil and salt. That’s it. Fresh ingredients, great taste, and the crust is perfect.

If you haven’t tried the Artisan Pizza from Huron Mountain Bread Company in Ishpeming, you need to stop in and give it a try. You’ll have a hard time going back to your usual pizza after tasting this! Stop in today at Huron Mountain Bakery just off US 41 in Ishpeming or call 485-6848 to order your new favorite pizza!

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