Experience Mackinac Island In The Fall With Shepler’s Ferry!

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Shepler's Ferry boats at sunset.  The sun hasn't set on the season yet - there's still time to get out to Mackinac Island!

Shepler’s Ferry boats at sunset. The sun hasn’t set on the season yet – there’s still time to get out to Mackinac Island!

Marquette, MISeptember 24, 2014 – Chris Shepler called into the Shopping Show this morning to let everyone know that there’s still time to visit Mackinac Island this season!

The colors on the trees are just starting to turn to the rich oranges and golden yellows. The weather is still warm, but it won’t stay that way. Make sure you get out to the Island before the season turns.

Shepler’s Ferry will get you to the Island quickly. They run every hour like clockwork all day long. Whether you’re going for a day or the taking the family on a getaway for the whole weekend, Shepler’s Ferry can get you there quickly and safely.

The weather this weekend is expected to be gorgeous so NOW is the perfect time to get out to the Island. All the shops are still open and the Fall Color Tours are underway. Take some time off and experience Mackinac Island in the fall.

Tickets for Shepler’s Ferry are still available at UPBargains.com. A full schedule is available on their website at SheplersFerry.com.

Listen to Chris talk about the Island in the fall – and get an update on Page, the Shepler’s Baby!

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