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June 9, 2012-

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Today’s show broke away from the normal format to have all four candidates that are running for the state’s 109th District right here in Michigan.




Tony Retaskie

Tony Retaskie

First on today was Tony Restakie, who has been a Marquette resident all his life.  An electrician by trade, he was the business manager of the electrician’s union and is now the Executive Director of the Upper Peninsula Construction Council.  He spends a lot of the time talking to kids in high school about careers in the construction field.  He is running to give a voice in the 109th and wants to give a voice to the younger people in schools in the district and feels he can make a difference in Lansing.

His experience that lends to being effective in Lansing are being on the school board in Marquette and was the president of the school board for eight and a half year.  He has experience writing and working on training grants and with being in the positions he’s had, feels that he has leadership to work down in Lansing and be able to listen to the concerns of the district and the upper peninsula.

He feels there is a problem of employment in the upper peninsula, especially in the counties around Marquette County in the 109th district.  The unemployment rate is even high for younger people in the counties too.  There needs to be education for the young people and invest in their future.

Jack Hubbard

Jack Hubbard

Second on today was Jack Hubbard, who is currently the Township Supervisor owns small businesses in Grand Marais.  He has worked and is working on several projects in Grand Marais, including the break wall to save the harbor in Grand Marais and updating the sewer system.

He knows of the hard work needed in Lansing from getting funding to get the break wall in Grand Marais.  He felt that with the work he did that it was the work of a State Representative.  That inlcuded spending time in Lansing and worked with Senator Tom Casperson.  The work on the break wall was because the original was in need of an update,  Grand Marais got all the permits and not the funding,  and had to work with the legislatures to get the funding.

All that work translates to hands on experience down in Lansing.  He already had to work the House and Senate floor and is on a first name basis with many people in Lansing.  This experience translates into hoping to cut into the problems he sees in the area.  The area needs to use it’s natural resources and look at increasing logging and mining again.  Not “slashing and trashing” but look at taking unnecessary regulations away.  He is also a big supporter of small businesses.

Jim Hafeman

Jim Hafeman

Third on today’s show is Jim Hafeman, who is a former police officer and taught Criminal Justice at several universities including Northern Michigan University.  He has a Masters in Public Adminstration from Northern Michigan University and was part of the United States Marine Corps for four years.

Hafeman feels that the states are in jeopardy from the federal government and the government is infringing on people’s rights.  Examples of this are the coal fire plant in Marquette being regulated by the EPA, the smoking ban, and zero tolerance on young people that give them a criminal record.

If elected, he will bring a conviction to the people’s sovereignty and want to revisit past laws and bills, also the Commercial Forest Act needs to be visited so that there are proper taxes that can fund education.  He sees a streamlining of business taxes and tax forms and more control at the local level collecting those taxes.   Hafeman also supports curbing the DNR’s power.

John Kivela

Jon Kivela

Last today on the show is John Kivela, who is currently serving as the mayor of Marquette and has served on the city commission and on the board of zoning appeals.  He is running because he has a passion in working with this area and after being mayor that this is the next logical step.

Kivela feels his strengths are being able to work with people.  This experience comes from working with many businesses, commissions and organizations as mayor.  His main goal is to have working relationships, trust, and finding common ground with different sides.

There are problems he would like to address, with pensions being taxed, and cuts in prisons and education.  What he sees is that isn’t enough money to go around and that there is a need to put people to work.  There is also work being done towards helping the area by having measures so goods can be shipped internationally directly from K.I. Sawyer then.










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