Marquette Gas Prices And The KBIC Proposed Gas Station The Topic On InTheRightMind This Morning

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June 16 2012-

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Today’s show takes a look at the gas prices in Marquette and the KBIC proposed gas station in Marquette Township.




Why exactly are gas prices in Marquette higher than everywhere in the upper peninsula?  It’s not easy to see Marquette businesses conspiring as Marquette is an expensive place to do business.  The KBIC are proposing to have a gas station in Marquette Township and they will have much cheaper gas because of unfair advantages. They are exempt from taxes, and there is no problem selling on reservations with no taxes but there’s something wrong with buying land and putting it in trust and getting an exemption.  Not the first time there have been unfair practices in Michigan.  Some businesses are given subsidies while the successful ones are taxed to death.

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Rather than paying the normal 6% the KBIC would be paying in only 2% for taxes.  One idea is to lower the taxes for all the businesses to level the playing field.  There will be less taxes coming in if everyone goes to the station, and these taxes go toward education and the general fund for the state.  Also the DEQ and the Department of Weights and Measures would not be allowed on the property to inspect as well.  It’s not the same rules for everyone.

An idea for the KBIC, they have the grant to put the station up right now.  Why not put the station up and see if they can be cheaper before the exemption?


Caller #1 asked the question wondering why exactly the prices are higher in Marquette than anywhere else in the upper peninsula.  They felt that if the prices were lower that people would be more for local businesses in the area.

Caller #2 called in to note that when he drove around the upper peninsula a few weeks ago that gas prices were 24 cents lower in Seney.  He feels that the businesses in Marquette are price gouging.  He said that he’d be the first one at the KBIC gas station to fill up for cheaper gas.   Why can he drive 45 minutes for 24 cent cheaper gas?

Caller #3 noted that the KBIC is a sovereign nation in the eyes of the federal government and that was worked out with the tribe sign a treaty with them.  When the tribe buys the land the federal government puts it in a trust and holds onto the land for them.  The lack of taxes comes from the agreements in the treaty and isn’t really special treatment arbitrarily.

Caller #4 thinks the whole idea is a bad idea because it hampers free enterprise.  People are looking too much at what’s good for “me” rather than the community.


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