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July 21 2012-Dan Adamini In The Right Mind

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This morning was “Sound Off Saturday” giving callers a chance to call in on any topic they wish as Dan recapped and reviewed older topics from shows past.


Math Lessons For Liberals and Obamacare

First up today was math lessons for liberals and Obamacare.  This recap was from last week’s show which you can check out the issue more in depth on last week’s post here and from the June 30th show here.

KBIC Proposed Gas Station

Next being recapped this morning was the issue of the proposed KBIC gas station in Marquette township.  This was covered more in depth in two shows, the June 16th post that discusses more gas prices and the situation which you can go to here.  The second show on June 23rd was with guest Dr. Martin Reinhardt who gave background information on the land issues and treaties and you can listen to that show here.

County Road 595 Proposal

The third of four topics recapped today is the County Road 595 issue that was covered back in February.  You can listen to this show here.

Global Warming Myth

The last issue being recapped this morning was the issue about the myth of global warming and how everyone will be forced to buy CFL bulbs.  This topic was covered in depth with guest Birch Smith in the May 5th show and you can listen to it right here.

Primary Elections In Marquette

One new issue brought up this morning is that the primary elections in Marquette are taking place August 7th.  Educate yourself about the people running.  One of the bigger races is the county commission in Marquette, as the commission is cutting down to six commissioners.  Yes, there is a problem with there being a tie, but the system could have been a lot worse with five commissioners like originally proposed.

It is still not too late to register!  If you want to register for the election you can as a write-in candidate.  The deadline as a write-in is the Friday before the election.  All you have to do is get enough votes, and then you are on the ballot for the fall.


Caller #1 this morning called in to complain about how she wanted to drive around Presque Isle but couldn’t this morning because it was closed to cars for joggers, bikers and walkers.  Yet, when the island was open to cars later people she noticed people still walking and jogging on the road.  This doesn’t make sense.

Caller #2 continued on the trend this morning about bikers and how they do not get out of the way on the roads.  He wonders why bikers aren’t forced to pay insurance too since they are taking up the road.  He agreed with Caller #1 on the issue about the island too.

Caller #3 as a mountain biker asked how the bikes are ruining the trails.  Dan replied about the deep runs he’s encountered on his own trails and his bad experience with bikers not slowing down when asked for walkers on the trail.


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