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September 8 2012-

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind

Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

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Today’s show focused on the national conventions and had guest Bret Hetrick to discuss them.

Dan Benishek VS Gary McDowell

First up today was about Representative Dan Benishek VS Gary McDowell.  McDowell has been been honest in his latest ad about not wanting to stop spending.  The ad goes into lies saying that the GOP doesn’t about people who work for a living, which is one of the stupidest thing he has said.  The upside was that the ad was spent in the Upper Peninsula.

McDowell has continued to lie about Benishek on numerous other topics such as employment, regard for the Great Lakes, the cutting of Medicare.

Guest Brett Hetrick On The National Conventions

Guest Brett Hetrick called into the show today.  A local who moved down to Chicago and started a small business he is more from the Democrat side.  Hetrick and Dan talked candidly about both of the conventions and their thoughts on many of the speakers.  The two of them while speaking on the conventions also spoke on their opinions on different subjects in the political world.


The only caller today expected more from the conventions, especially with Obama.  He was wondering if there was suppose to be a plan or did he miss it.  Dan explained that the conventions were more of a pep rally to get ready for the next two months.


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