Santa Claus: Conservative or Liberal? You Make The Call This Morning On InTheRightMind!

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December 22, 2012-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on InTheRightMind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS was a Christmas special debating whether or not Santa Claus is a conservative or a liberal.

Santa Claus: The Debate!

Is Santa Claus a conservative or a liberal?  The answer can be either depending on how you want to look at it.  He does give hand outs but they are his own gifts.  Also he only works one day of the year and how well are those elves paid?  Feel free to chime in on the debate in the comments! What do you think Santa Claus is?


There were many callers today that made comments to be passed onto Dan on the debate on Santa Claus today.  The only caller that came on today wanted to say that Marquette Mountain was looking great today for the holidays.

Also mentioned was a caller that said that she said that Santa Claus is totally a conservative because he said “Merry Christmas!” rather than “Happy Holidays!”

The final caller this morning requested for the UP Winter song to be played again.


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