Gun Control and Guest Len Kaanta on In The Right Mind

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February 16, 2013-


Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS guest Len Kaanta came into the studio to talk about gun control.

Gun Control

There are many people since the Sandy Hook incident that have said that any support for guns means that you are happy that the kids died, which is a crazy arguement to make on any logical basis.  But the groups against guns have been coming out more and crazier than before.  Lots of times the bans on guns are based on looks and not the actual power of the weapon and also there are people who are for a total ban of guns.  These people over look the fact that when this ban took place in Australia that crime and homicides went up after the ban.

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Guest Len Kaanta On Gun Control

Guest Len Kaanta with Dan this morning on In The Right Mind

Guest Len Kaanta with Dan this morning on In The Right Mind

Guest Len Kaanta came on the show this morning to talk about the new federal weapons proposal.  He felt that the new proposals would not prevent previous events and future events as well but there are repercussions for the laws like the new transfer laws proposed.  Kaanta also talked about the differing definition of an assault riffle between the military and civilian worlds and how automatic riffles have been banned already.  He also talked about the proposed new bill in Michigan that changes the conceal and carry and the definition of open carry in Michigan as well.

Listen – Guest Len Kaanta

UP 200 This Weekend

Dan mentioned the  how the UP 200 started last night and how great an event like that is.  He wanted to point out that the dogs are taken care of though.  The dogs love to run.

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Pope Resigning

For the first time since 1415 Pope Benidict XVI announced the resignation official at the end of the month.  Since there is an opening some people are saying that the Catholic Church should change. Or how Dan feels, the Church should stay the course and be consistent and be an example.  Even though the church has failed in some regard, they have succeeded in keeping to aspire to a higher ground.

And do remember, mostly all faiths are following the same God.  Most of the morals are all similar.

Listen – Pope Rant

Listen – Tom Lehrer – The Vatican Rag


Caller #1 asked off-air why the government has 1.5 billion hollow point bullets. Dan responded that he had no idea if this was true or why, and Len had no idea of either too.  Also the caller asked how often the military practice with hollow points which Dan responded that they don’t.  Len explained that hollow points were outlawed in war.

Caller #2 has lived in many in countries and has felt this country is the most violent.  He wonders where all of the handguns have been coming from.  The sport riffles are not the problem.  The handguns are the problem.

Caller #3 wondered what Dan thought about the medical marijuana law changes.  The caller said about how the dispensaries can be shut down.  And they also made it illegal to pass from one card holder to another.  He felt that this forces people to going back to criminal avenues and taking away from legal avenues.

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