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Full Show Audio for April 13, 2013

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109th District State House Representative-elect John Kivela.

John Kivela joined us in the studio this morning to disscuss the State of the State and Democratic plan for Michigan.

John and his party built a road map of what they wanted to accomplish. Many won’t ever see the light of day but they have a plan for the next few years.

We discussed Act 51 regarding road taxes and the problem with the new mindset surrounding it. John also brought up some great points about pension taxes. Dan is bothered by the double standard for state, corporate and small business owners. Pensions gained from State employment is tax exempt while a business owner who has invested in self funding their pension are required to pay taxes on this.

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Dan Adamini talks with Jon Kivela

Dan Adamini talks with Jon Kivela

The conversation transitioned into the Gas and Sales Taxes. With these tied into our educational system the state would need to increase the Sales Tax by 1%. This shift would put more strain on consumers and end users of goods. Gas Taxes funding road improvements are currently inversely related. Fuel taxes are producing less funds with the improvements of vehicles and an increase in fuel economy, while road construction and maintenance cost are rising.

The Real State of our State Website

News Release on Educational Reform

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GOP Representative Al Pscholka Called in to talk with Dan about a few key topics

GOP Representative Al Pscholka Called in to talk with Dan about a few key topics

Next on the show GOP Rep Al Pscholka joined us on In The Right Mind to talk about the economic turn in the State and on how Dredging can boost our local and state economy.

Al Pscholka spoke on the turn in the State of Michigan over the past few years. We now have a rainy day fund and have our debt on track. There has been a substantial increase in private sector jobs. The questions now is what to do with the little bit of money that the state has worked so hard to get, no longer that we have no money and the state is in trouble.

Representative Pscholka stated that we have our budget in line, we’ve proven our fiscal responsibility, and our next challenge is to develop a climate where job creation is encouraged, and possible.

Representative Pscholka spoke of a new business in the lower peninsula creating 80 new jobs for the State with an entry wage of 17.50/hr with full time benefits.  This is exactly what the state needs to get back on track.

The Conversation then turned to Dredging.  Representative Pscholka lives on lake Michigan and this topic directly effects him, his family and all Michigan residents.  While the lake is great for recreational use, it is also used for commercial shipping.  Moving goods across the water instead of on land lowers their associated shipping costs.  These savings are felt by the end user – You and Me!  Commercial shipping on the great lakes helps keep the cost of goods down to consumers.  Not only does it effect us economically but also environmentally.


We Re-capped on a few past topics discussing The Motorcycle helmet law, Lions Field and Wolf Hunting.

Listen – Lions Field

Listen – Lions Field Limerick

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Join us Next week as we speak with Congressman Dan Benishek and Jim Iwanicki from the Marquette county road commission.  Saturday Mornings starting at 9am on Sunny and a Sunday re-broadcast on 98.3 WRUP


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