Congressman Dan Benishek and County Road Commission In The Studio This Morning On In The Right Mind

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April 20, 2013-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny, Congressman Dan Benishek called in to give an update and Jim Iwanicki from the Marquette County Road Commission came in the studio.

Dan Benishek Photo

U.S Congressman Dan Benishek (R) – Iron Mountain

Dan Benishek Interview

Congressman Dan Benishek called in while traveling around the Upper Peninsula talking to people about vocational education.  He discussed about how he’s working on legislation for this as well.

Benishek also gave updates on how he’s trying to work on streamlining the federal government, which includes the government working with the veterans.  Plus the CISPA vote was up recently and he explained why he voted for it.

If you want to get a hold of Congressman Benishek you can online at

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Interview With Jim Iwanicki From Marquette County Road Commission

Jim Iwanicki In The Studio This Morning

Jim Iwanicki In The Studio This Morning

Jim Iwanicki from the Marquette County Road Commission came in the studio this morning to talk about the issues facing the county roads.  He gave stats on the funding of roads and how matierials have gone up since the last revenue increase in 1997.  Also the moves to slash full time employees to try and save money with the limited funding as well.

With the limited funding the road commission still has the same amount of road to maintain.  Roads were only designed for about twenty years and the problem is trying to keep up with the aging roads.  Iwanicki gave his opinion on the thoughts about the proposals of having the road funding rely more on local governments as well.  Plus he discussed this summer with some of the road work being paid for by the Rio Tinto Mine.

Listen – Jim Iwanicki Interview

Listen – County Road Limerick

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Caller #1 commented on when Social Security and Medicaid is going to go to broke.  Feels that are budget needs to changed as income changes and that the problem is that jobs need to be kept in the country.  He also commented that he feels the parties are in a stalemate.

Caller #2 feels that CISPA does nothing to actually protect the people and the government.  It only takes away our liberties and right to privacy but hasn’t worked on anything to protect.  He sees nothing good out of CISPA.

Caller #3 doesn’t like the CISPA bill and feels that Benishek, while making some good decisions, has made some bad decisions regarding our area.

Caller #4  asked Jim why County Road 595 wasn’t put in.  Jim answered about why the funding stopped, which was about the EPA’s standards.

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