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April 27, 2013-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny the president of ABATE Vince Consiglio called in and the new Miss Upper Peninsula USA Kaylyn Kutchie stopped by for a chat as well.

President Of ABATE Vince Consiglio

About a half hour into the program the president of the program ABATE in Michigan Vince Consiglio called in to the program to discuss the issues for motorcyclists and the changes that have been happening in the state since the helmet law took effect.

One issue in the past year has been the lack of licensing on the roads for cyclists.  58 percent of the riders in accidents in the state in the past year were found to not have a motorcycle license.  Consiglio went on to explain how to get the the proper training and certifications for riding a motorcycle.  One of the issues with the problem is the enforcement which ABATE is looking at trying to have more done with.  Also putting a limit on the number of seasons a rider can have a training permit.

Consiglio also mentioned about classes that people can take to be trained and learn properly how to ride a motorcycle.  He also mentioned an advanced class that will be taking place in Houghton this summer as well.

Since the law has been passed Consiglio has noticed many more different state plates on motorcycles in Michigan and and events have been much bigger in years past.

Consiglio encourages everyone to look for more information to go to the ABATE website and also the Michigan Secretary of State website as well.

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Miss Upper Peninsula Kaylyn Kutchie With Dan In The Studio

Miss Upper Peninsula Kaylyn Kutchie With Dan In The Studio

Miss Upper Peninsula Kaylyn Kutchie

The newly minted Miss Upper Peninsula USA Kaylyn Kutchie came into the studio in the second hour this morning to talk about her experience.  Kutchie talked about why she entered and what training she did for the event and as the how the night of the pageant was.  Where she heads now in competition and what she does with being Miss Upper Peninsula was also discussed as well.

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