Msgr. Brown and Wolf Hunt Issue This Morning On In The Right Mind

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May 4, 2013-


Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny Msgr. Brown came in to discuss updates for the Catholic Church in Marquette and the Wolf Issue keeps cropping up once again!

Wolf Hunt Issue Still Going

The issue of a wolf hunt in the upper peninsula is still going on but with a new twist.  The Michigan Legislature is working a bill through that would make the current referendum moot.  Does the end justify the means?  That’s a good question to have.

There is still a great deal with the idea of having getting the signatures and also having it be up to a vote of the people.  Groups usually hire people and will pay people to get signatures and pay by the signature.  These people obviously don’t care about the wolf hunt.

Listen – Wolf Rant

Listen – Wolf Limerick

Listen – Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

An Update From Msgr. Brown

Msgr.  Brown joined Dan in the studio this morning to give an update on the Diocese of Marquette which includes the process of how a new Bishop is selected and how the Diocese will operate until the selection.  Msgr Brown also talked about the church’s position on different issues in the news.  Brown also discussed the constitution with the issue of church and religion.

Listen – Interview With Msgr. Brown


Caller #1 called in this morning agreeing that there needed to be a wolf hunt.  He didn’t like the new bill that makes the referendum meaningless.

Caller #2 called in discussing the constitution with the issue of religion with Msgr. Brown.  He feels that religion is banned from society and that is not good.

Caller #3 weighed in on the issue about the sports celebration feeling that it was a homer ref and small town refereeing.


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