Good News for Michigan ORV Riders / Democrats Shut Down U.S. Gov’t discussed on “In The Right Mind” with Dan Adamini – October 12th

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MI-Trale - Don Helsel with Dan Adamini of In The Right Mind on Sunny.FM

MI-Trale – Don Helsel with Dan Adamini of In The Right Mind on Sunny.FM

Marquette, Michigan October 12, 2013 –   ORV Riders are happy about a new law that will make it possible to utilize state hwy right-of-way when utilizing Michigan Trails.  That DOESN’T mean you can do it now… but there is now a system in place to make it possible.  Until this law was passed, the state Dept of Transportation didn’t  even have authority to allow the use.  This law allows local branches of government to request approval from the state.

Guest Don Helsel from spoke with me about the positive effects of the new law, and what lies ahead.  He stressed that the law in only the first step, and we still need to comply with current law.  He also reminded users that safety is still the most important thing when riding.  Nonetheless, the new law will benefit both users, and the businesses that will soon be accessible once riders are permitted to use the road right-of-way.

Congresssman Dan Benishek had planned to call in to discuss the democrat shut-down of the government, BUT he was in the midst of a floor vote, which did not end until the show was over.  I summarized the cause of the shutdown, busted a few democrat myths and as usual, used limericks and parody songs to make my point.  Government workers will get back pay, but are still not on the job, and some are double dipping – filing for unemployment benefits while on this “paid vacation”

I also reminded people that the president’s administration has the power to decide what is non-essential, and the decision to NOT pay dead soldiers The administration also chose to spend more money blocking off public land than would be necessary to simply allow the public the access it deserves.  The song “This Land is Your Land, But You Can’t Use It” belittles the administration’s  blockade of monuments and roads on federal land.  This presidential choice is intended to cause as much pain as possible to those who might blame republicans… in other words – those who are NOT in their Right Mind!

Sadly there are a lot of those, and the president seems to be winning the minds of those who are easily manipulated.


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  • Don Helsel of – Listen



Happy Trails   Listen – Text:

There’s good news for users of trails
For kids & adults, gals and males
And if you’ve been denied access when you ride
You’ll smile when you hear these details

The state is clearing the way
for the D.O.T. to have its say
(you may be) permitted to go on the side of the road
If the law you agree to obey

Don’t get excited premature
There’s still work to be done, to be sure
But when trails are connected, more money’s injected
By people who come here on tour

Government Shutdown  Listen – Text:

Government workers aren’t working
And they’re not necessarily shirking
Because everyone knows the government is closed
And yet some of the workers are smirking

Because even though they’re not at work
Some consider this time off a perk
Because we’re still going to pay even though they’re away
Whoever thought that up is a jerk

If the workers are gonna be paid
At their station these folks should have stayed
To pay folks for time they don’t work is a crime
Thinking people should all be dismayed

The thing filling me with frustration
And filling the workers with elation
For the inconsequential workers non-essential
The shutdown’s just more paid vacation

And now to add to their enjoyment
Some are actually filing for unemployment
Now isn’t that nice, skip work – get paid twice
Those folks deserve redeployment


Selected Rants

  • Happy TrailsListen – Read:
    Our state legislators have done something good for those who like to ride Off Road Vehicles or ORVs here in Michigan…Now, we all know we’ve got miles and miles of great trail systems in the state – especially here in the U.P. … but in many cases you can’t get from one trail to the other.  If you’re riding a bike, or walking it’s less of a problem, but for riders of ORVs (whether they be dirt bikes, 4-wheelers or the newer side-by-side ORVs) if you are on a trail, and you want to get to another, you can’t use the roadways – or shoulders- or road right-of-ways.,, at least not on state highwaysMany people think that makes sense, that these vehicles shouldn’t be on the roads… even if it is on a shoulder, or on the right-of –way beside the highway.  They fear people may get hurt, and that is a legitimate concern.BUT as we all know… MOST people are responsible & good people, and THEY shouldn’t be punished or prohibited by laws trying to protect the dumbest among us.  There are always going to be people who are NOT in their RIGHT MIND, but the rest of us shouldn’t be punished because other people are fools.

    The governor recently signed a law that will make it possible for those who ride ORVs to use the right-of-way or shoulder of state highways when riders want to go from one trail system to another.

    The law doesn’t exactly ALLOW ORVs to use the roadside… It give the state department of transportation the authority to make that decision, and it allows local governments to request such a decision from the DOT.   Prior to this law, the department had no authority to even consider the option… so, while this doesn’t automatically give permission, there is now a process by which it is legal to choose that path, if a community thinks it is a good idea, and if the department of transportation approves.

    Although I think this is a great idea… this brings me back (as usual) to the fact that the government has WAY too much control over our lives, and that LOCAL control is better than central control.  Whether the topic is schools, roads, taxes or –in this case recreation… decisions made closer to home are ALWAYS preferable to those made from people who are far away…

    This law simply gives local authorities an avenue to do what it believes is best… even if they are still at the mercy of the state department of transportation…

    It’s a step in the right direction that will help users, and the businesses that are likely to benefit from riders newfound ability to access their business.

  • Government Shutdown – Part 1Listen – Read:
    The government shutdown is still in effect –in some casesAs I mentioned last week, the administration has flexibility to deem workers essential or not, and also has the flexibility to minimize or maximize the effects of the shutdown.Before we get into the lastest stupidity of the Obama Administration… let me remind you of why there is a shutdown.The house passed a budget (as required) which puts us on a path to solvency – for those of you NOT in your right mind, that means, eventually we will stop spending more than we take in, and eventually we may even pay off our national debt.

    The senate passed a budget that simply continues spending like Michelle Obama on vacation – one that continues to spend MUCH more than the government takes in.  The plans are so far apart that they –in the views of some- could not be reconciled in conference committee (which is usually where these items are worked out)

    With no new budget, in the past… congress has simply passed continuing resolutions to allow all the spending to continue as usual.  But as we approach yet another debt ceiling, some of us believe we should put ourselves on a path which does NOT result in us defaulting on our debt and requiring all of us to learn Chinese to understand our new masters.

    So that’s how we got here…

    Now fast forward to the shutdown itself.  As I said last week, 800,000 of the 4.5 million workers were deemed “non-essential” and were furloughed.  Then congress (as it has done in the other 17 shutdowns in recent years) voted to give these same workers back-pay when they return.

    This makes me crazy… (if I wasn’t already there!)
    If the workers are going to get paid, I think they should be at work.
    And NOW, it appears some of these furloughed workers, in addition to receiving their pay –when they return, are filing for unemployment benefits as well.  Getting paid twice for NOT working…
    And some of you still don’t question the government’s decisions?

    When congress passed the BACKPAY bill, they should have said that the backpay would only happen if the workers actually worked.
    But that makes too much sense… they certainly are NOT in their right mind

  •  Government Shutdown – Part 2Listen – Read:
    Now let’s talk about the shutdown of the national parks, which has effect right here in Michigan…Pictured Rocks, like other parks are closed?  How do you close a forest?
    Well if you’re the government, and can’t afford to pay the people who work in the park, you pay those same people to put up road blocks, and make sure that nobody enters.  What’s that you say?If you’re paying these people anyway, why not pay them for what they SHOULD be doing… no that would make too much sense.In Washington DC, and on federal property across the country, the government is paying (in some cases) MORE to prevent people from seeing the national monuments than would be spent simply allowing visitors to walk around.

    And who made this decision?  Yes, you guessed it, the Obama Administration.  Now I’m not saying the president actually took a list and said, let’s close this one and this one… but it is the administration department heads who made the decision to block off the monuments (for the first time), and to NOT pay the families of dead soldiers, and to try and cause as much public pain as possible, so you feel the pinch.

    They would rather do that than consider why we have 800,000 nonessential employees in the first place.


New Songs

  • Happy TrailsListen – Lyrics:
    Happy trails to you if you drive ORV’s
    The roads provide connectability
    I know some people do not want to see them
    But riders now have seen the state free them
    Happy trails for you and your ORVHappy trails to you no matter what you ride
    It’s good for you to spend some time outside
    If you ride motor bikes or 4-wheelers
    You now can ride to local business dealers
    Happy trails for you riding far and wideHappy trails to you.  You now can use the roads.
    The state has moved, to change the rules and codes
    You’ll need one thing besides the legislation
    Approval from the department of Transportation
    Happy Trails to you here in Michigan
  • This Land Is Your LandListen – Lyrics:
    This land is your land, but you can’t use it
    That’s the way that Obama Views it
    People are hopin things will stay open
    But Democrats have closed the country downSome World War 2 vets went down to D.C.
    The war memorial they wanted to see
    But they were locked out because Obama
    And the democrats have closed the country downThey’re closing parks down and blocking highways
    And building fences across the byways
    Obama won’t work with the republicans
    He’d rather close the country downThe democrats throw temper tantrums
    They hate republicans… they just can’t stand ‘em
    And now the people, they’re finally seeing
    It’s the democrats that closed the country down





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