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Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN,  October 19, 2013 – Democrats win the battle of the government shutdown.  Conservatives may have been right, but the beating they took in the mind of the public has left some of them unable to sit comfortably.  Worse yet, treatment for a good old fashioned “Butt-Kicking” isn’t covered under Obamacare.  If conservatives  had kept the message simple I believe they could have and should have won this battle.  The simple message of  “treat all people equally” and “don’t spend more than you earn” are messages that SHOULD win – even with a public that is growing more dependent.  Blinded by love for President Obama and hatred of republicans, the general opinion is that the republicans caused all the pain by refusing to negotiate.  That is the opinion held by those who are NOT in their RIGHT  MIND.

Even the Lake Superior Performance Rally was affected by the closer of federal forest land.  The closure of roads leading to federal land is a clear message from the democrat administration that they know they can blame republicans for the pain caused by democrats… so the more pain – the better – for the democrats.

There is no justification for closing open air monuments or for blocking roads.

Remember that the REAL debate is over the high cost of health care, and the limited access to health care… both of which are worse under the ACA… and the inability of the government to spend wisely the money they confiscate in the name of the greater good.   When there are more takers than givers, we are in trouble… and giving what you took from someone else doesn’t count (unless you’re a liberal).

The Marquette Board of Light & Power, Truck Routes in the city of Marquette were revisited

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