City of Marquette War on Trucks – County Road 595 – In The Right Mind – October 19, 2013

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Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN, October 26, 2013
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and it’s great that there is so much awareness about Breast Cancer since it’s effected so many lives. However, taking the newly back to work Government workers and focusing their energy and our limited dollars on changing the light bulbs to flood the White House in Pink. Maybe it is fitting, after all there is at least one giant boob living in the white house!

Those of us in our RIGHT MIND believe Lundin Mining is being “Shaken Down” by the city of Marquette. It’s the classic Robin Hood scene, Big John doesn’t want you to cross the river paying the toll. This isn’t going to end well. It effects not only the mine, but it also effects fuel oil, food, school buses, anything over 10,000 pounds.  Dan Blondeau of Lundin Mining joined us on earlier this week on The Sunny Morning Show with Walt and Mike.  Check out what Dan Blondeau of Lundin Mines had to say about the Community Forums coming up.

Joe Stanley called in to the Show.  He felt this is a crazy idea. First – Why would we stop the mining industry. Second – the trickle down from this huge for the economy in these outlying areas. Food and Supplies for these cities could be cut off.  Garbage trucks, school buses, motor homes and even heavy utility trailers exceed the city’s limit… Do city leaders really HATE the people in Big Bay so much that they want them to stay put… and worse yet, not allow food and beer to be shipped up there?

Dave from Negaunee also called in to sound off about how crazy he thought this new law would be. “The Mines (Lundin) offered to pay for a new road to avoid all of this way back when.”

To put this in prospective.

  • A full Garbage truck weights about 25 tons
  • Moving trucks between 5-13 tons
  • RV/Motor Home 6-13 tons
  • An Empty School Bus 11-14 tons
  • A Full School Bus around 23 tons
  • My F-350 Truck… around 5 tons… that’s 10,000 pounds (So I’m out)

The Cost for the proposed road projects are 100% Privately funded – Here are some more Q&A that Dan has found.

The road is a standard County Road, there aren’t special considerations made for just the mine, this is a Regular road, that would be appropriate for all traffic.

We were having fun this morning with a new show layout.  Shorter commercial breaks and a faster pace.  We discussed and updated Obamacare and the conversion of some Democrats to being “In Their Right Minds” and questioning the new Affordable Care Act.

A friendly caller brought up a new topic for In The Right Mind to feature and that was the litmus test and training for our current military troops to Dis Arm Americans if there is ever a need or order placed for this to happen.  Not only could this cross constitutional rights for all Americans to Bear Arms but soldiers who don’t feel this is acceptable for the government to ask them have lost their military positions. – Thanks Caller we will look into this topic and hopefully do a show on it!

Dan updated a previous show that we’ve done on the BLP Rates and their increase.  Less power, more cost, and no advances in increased local production of power – Here is the original show  The Board of Light and Power should be able to increase rates, in the long run this will keep the cost as low as possible.

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One Response to City of Marquette War on Trucks – County Road 595 – In The Right Mind – October 19, 2013

  1. Who is the nut case calling for the death of those protesting the mine near bigbay?!? Adamini is wanting to pave a road with protesters? Paving means using a steam roller, which would mean death. Adamini wishes to discuss in a civilized manner, but quickly goes into name calling and wishing his nay sayers death.
    Use facts, not stupid songs and death threats. Adamini, I encourage you to watch the Quentin Tarantino
    movie: Django. Note the character played by Samuel Jackson, you are very similar to his character. Nothing but a puppet for a foreign master.
    I’m for mining. But Adamini sounds like a certified psychopath on the radio.
    Grow up. Dont call your opposition names. Do not call for their death.
    You sounded like a spoiled middle school kid with your mocking songs and language.
    I will be sure not to listen to Sunny radio anymore. You are an embarrasment to the UP.

    Jim maki
    October 27, 2013 at 2:44 pm

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