Marquette City Shakedown & Obama Lies & St Vincent De Paul

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Marquette, MiNovember 2, 2013  –  Are you in your right mind? You are if you realize that the recently proposed truck ordinance by the city of Marquette was simply a shakedown of Lundin Mining.  That belief was confirmed at a community meeting where a city commissioner admitted that the goal of the proposed ordinance was to get Lundin to the bargaining table (or cash register as it were).  The county will receive taxes, other entities have been paid, and the city feels left out$10 million is the opening bid by the city for road repairs… we’ll see where it goes from there.  Last week’s song “Shake em Down Baby” is even more appropriate this week.  The ordinance as proposed is now dead.

Marquette City commissioners WERE in their right mind when they approved the rate increase for the Marquette board of light and power last week.  The increase will allow the utility to continue to provide power to the community without buying capacity from outside sources at higher prices.  Without the increase, that would have been part of the plan… I guess you could say commissioners finally saw the light and that no increase meant dimmer bulbs – and even the dim bulbs on the commission came to agree. If you haven’t seen the presentation discussing the increase, start here:

St. Vincent De Paul Society of Marquette is in need of supplies so they can help others in need.  Duane Kovacich was in the studio discussing both the need filling the food pantry and how the organization helps those who need it most.
1800 people (800 families) were assisted in the month of October by this organization, and the need is growing.  At the same time the ability of some to help is diminished so the need for your help is great… volunteer, donate, or shop at the store to help this worthy organization

Back to trucking for a moment… The new proposed route for trucks to avoid the city goes through BLP property.  It isn’t approved, but the BLP agreed to allow an assessment.  As discussed in my Daily Rant a couple days ago, The road will never go through.  If county road 595 could be shut down by the EPA (eliminate progress altogether)… there is no way this road will be approved, that may be why you can’t find a picture on line anywhere.  But you can still enjoy the parody song Movin the Road – new for this week’s show.

Obamacare is not going away YET… so if your insurance was cancelled you won’t be “unscrewed” until it’s repealed… if it isn’t too late.  Premiums are going Up & UP, and your choices are going Away… so the song UP UP AND AWAY seemed an  appropriate song to use.

When the president said “if you like your plan you can keep it” what he meant was “if ‘I’ like your plan, you can keep it”.  If he wanted to hire someone to correct all his lies, one person couldn’t do it!

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