You Aren’t Allowed To Lie To Make Your Point. You Have To Be Honest.

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State Representative Scott Dianda

State Representative Scott Dianda

Marquette  –  November 8, 2013  –  Dan’s Daily Rant 11/8/2013

The GOP Tax clock unveiled by State Rep Dianda this week betrays a major difference between left and right.

While people in their “Right” mind believe all people should follow the same rules, many on the left believe that special carve-outs or considerations should be made for the groups and organizations they deem worthy.

While we on the right believe all people should be treated equally regarding taxes, the left believes that those who earn more should pay (not only more in taxes –but a higher percentage as well.  By the way… 15% of $100 is more than 15% of $10.  This is a message lost on members of the left.

Mr. Dianda and those like him believe that taking away the special treatment once offered certain groups is not fair.  We on the right believe giving tax credits for some but not all is not fair.

Therein lies one major difference between left and right… The definition of “fair”

A detailed discussion of the actual tax changes the democrats are whining about will take place Saturday on “In The Right Mind”.  The action begins at 9am on 101.9fm

You can even take part in the discussion…. BUT, you aren’t allowed to lie to make your point… you have to be honest.  The left will probably say THAT isn’t fair either!

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind

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