GOP Tax-O-Meter Lies & Wolf Hunt Disputes

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In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

Marquette, MINovember 9, 2013 – Today I talked with State Rep. Frank Foster about the recently unveiled “Tax-O-Meter”.  Democrat State Rep. Dianda announced the unveiling last Monday to illustrate his opinion of how ROTTEN Republicans are “making Michigan’s low and middle-class families pay for a handout to big corporations”.  You can bypass the cartoon introducing the “Twisted Facts-o-meter” but DON’T… even though it isn’t accurate, it is funny… and it helps frame the argument.

Representative Foster corrected some of the mis-statements (or Lies if you prefer), and I finished the explanation after he had to leave for his next event.  I greatly appreciate the time he was willing to share with me (and with listeners – both of them!).  No matter how you try to interpret Dianda’s comments, they don’t add up…   confirming my opinion that too many democrats are really bad at math! (check out the daily rant on this topic from November 7)

After a brief diversion into the nightmare we call Obamacare, We jumped into wolfpacks (which will hopefully be covered by the Non-Affordable-Healthcare- Plan)

Guest Nancy Warren from the National Wolf Watcher Coalition called in to discuss her opposition to the hunt.  Gracious host that I am, I let her do most of the talking, and helped clarify her views.  The data she used conflicts with the date I have and she promised to send me her sources and come back to discuss this in the future.  The road to understanding begins with agreement on facts, and when her claim that wolf conflicts are few and fabricated doesn’t match the data I have regarding wolf problems, we need to clear that up before we can move forward.

She did agree that if indeed there is a problem, the hunt may make sense, but doesn’t feel there is data supporting a hunt at this time.  This conflicts with information from the DNR, so at the moment… nobody’s opinion was changed… I think it makes sense, she does not.

A recent Hack Job posing as a report on false information leading to the hunt was not discussed due to time constraints, BUT I’ve posted two articles for you to read, and become better educated not only on the facts, but on the tactics used as well.  The hack job and a rebuttal article.

We talked to long we didn’t get to the parody song and limerick… but here they are for your listening pleasure (or dis-pleasure)


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3 Responses to GOP Tax-O-Meter Lies & Wolf Hunt Disputes

  1. From Jack Parker

    First, gentlefolks, thanks for relenting a bit and publishing some info regarding Senator Casperson’s recent confessions and some of the letters protesting the imminent hunt, scheduled for opening day of deer season. That was a calculated move to guarantee that the quota of 43 will be exceeded – as it was, by far, in Minnesota.

    Incidentally, the record shows that more than 50?f the Minnesota “trophies” were less than a year old, trapped and shot indiscriminately … and not “problem wolves”.

    Second, will you please publicize the attached commentary, a bit longer than your required 400 word limit, but too important and urgent to cut short.


    Nov. 9th 2013 The official hunt is scheduled to begin Nov 15th, same as deer season, to ensure that the quota will be exceeded. The legislation leading to the establishment of the hunt is a travesty, based largely on lies which Mr. Casperson has belatedly retracted in an apology before Congress. (Daily Mining Gazette 11.8.3013). He added, somewhat incongruously, that “All decisions this body (Congress) makes should not be based on emotions, agendas or innuendo, but rather on facts”. Remember that. Those are his specialties …

    The lies were incorporated in his Resolution to Congress urging them to strip gray wolves of endangered species protection, in 2011. He now attributes the false information, demonizing wolf behavior near Ironwood, to former Rep. Matt Huuki, who actually introduced the Resolution HR48 to the House. Later that day Mr C introduced the same Resolution to the Senate as SR39. It was passed and forwarded to Congress and the wolves were delisted. Thus was the first big hurdle cleared.

    Mr C followed his recent confession and apology and guidance counseling by stating that he could have said that eight wolves were taken down by federal agents in Ironwood – which, to me sounds a lot like emotions, agendas and innuendo. We now know that the Ironwood “nuisance wolf complaints” were brought on by residents feeding deer, thus inviting wolves into communities. A new ordinance will make that practice illegal. Likewise on 11.8.13 he said that “Contrary to those that oppose the hunt, wolves can and will attack humans” citing a biting of a teenage camper in Minnesota this year.” That attack has since been downplayed because of physical abnormalities in that particular animal, which was not a normal wolf.

    Mr C found and used a loophole in the law, so negating a citizens poll which would have stopped the wolf hunt, and will delay another such poll until after the imminent hunt. He has thus intentionally subverted the will of the majority of the people.

    With connivance from MDNR and the Governor a hunt was approved, “based upon scientific principles”. In truth it was based on a recommendation from the NRC – a politically-appointed commission without scientific expertise. In fact Michigan’s own wolf experts, acknowledged world-wide, were specifically excluded from participating. Instead MDNR put out “justifications” for a hunt, based on reported wolf depredations. Unfortunately for them not one of their four case-histories will withstand scrutiny. Let me offer a very recent rejustification – that the Koski farm events relate to only one farm – that a dozen other farms reported similar wolf depredations – neglecting to tell the public that most of them were within the same square mile as Koski’s Wolf Diner …

    Also neglected is a scrutiny of all wolf depredation reports, and the absence of publicity concerning depredation near Ontonagon. Something doesn’t smell right. For example: the DNR, the regulating body, has simply “washed their hands of the Koski events” – which have cost us a not-so-small fortune.

    Mr Casperson should be removed from office. Return government to responsible people!

    The 2013 wolf hunt should be cancelled immediately as illegal, based on falsehoods throughout.

    The machinations behind approval of a hunt should be investigated and miscreants should be prosecuted. This is very urgent !

    Thank you,

    Jack Parker, Baltic, MI 49963. Tel. 906-482-0099.

    November 10, 2013 at 7:54 pm

  2. It appears anytime wolf hunting comes up the gnashing of the teeth start. Let’s deal with the facts shall we.

    Defenders of Wildlife Rep called me in 1995 and PROMISED they would fully support wolf hunting as soon as the wolves recovered. What is the Federal goal for wolf recovery in Michigan 50 wolves. Read that again 50 wolves and not one more. That goal and the 5 year waiting period was met in 2002 when hunting of the worthless vermin stinking wolves should have started.

    Michigan DNR is gutless wonders they lie all the time about how great deer populations are to sell more tags. They are also full of anti hunters. Why do I say that because either Michigan has gay wolves or MIDNR is lying about the population numbers. They have been in 600’s for 8 years now. Every where else in the whole world wolves reproduce at a rate of 32% a year.

    Would someone please explain to the tin foil hat paranoid anti hunters about mating and the magic of puppies? Wisconsin is taking 251 wolves this year. Second year of the hunt and they increased the quota how that happen must be magic. Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are into their 3RD year of wolf hunting and wow must be another miracle and all those states too. Heck Montana and Idaho have 5 tags for wolves PER HUNTER. They too increased the tag available for hunters.

    Now we come to Michigan a state only required to have 50 wolves and you people are throwing a baby fit over 43 wolves. Are you serious? Plus who is funding all the propaganda in this Oh yes the professional beggars at HSUS would collects 100’s of millions of dollars off gullible people.

    You would think Michigan residents would have the brains to say we are being con by high dollar out of staters who are using this as cash cow to collect more money.

    Funny what happens when you actually read a book on wolves guess what you can kill 50% of all the wolves this hunting season and magic happens the wolves mate and puppies are born next fall same number of wolves in the wild. Must be a miracle. But as corrupt and fraudulent as MIDNR I am sure they would not count all the new wolves. Yes they only count know packs. This whole thing is just one big con.

    Michigan hunters pay for the DNR and it high time they stop lying to THE PUBLIC AND WORKING WITH THE ANTI HUNTERS.

    Bruce Hemming
    November 13, 2013 at 10:57 am

  3. As Host of on Sunny.FM Saturday morning at 9am, I Love This Note! This guy makes his point in a nice sarcastic way, which is what I love! Thank you! Dan

    Dan Adamini
    November 21, 2013 at 9:22 am

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