GOP Tax-O-Meter Lies & Wolf Hunt Disputes

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In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

Marquette, MINovember 9, 2013 – Today I talked with State Rep. Frank Foster about the recently unveiled “Tax-O-Meter”.  Democrat State Rep. Dianda announced the unveiling last Monday to illustrate his opinion of how ROTTEN Republicans are “making Michigan’s low and middle-class families pay for a handout to big corporations”.  You can bypass the cartoon introducing the “Twisted Facts-o-meter” but DON’T… even though it isn’t accurate, it is funny… and it helps frame the argument.

Representative Foster corrected some of the mis-statements (or Lies if you prefer), and I finished the explanation after he had to leave for his next event.  I greatly appreciate the time he was willing to share with me (and with listeners – both of them!).  No matter how you try to interpret Dianda’s comments, they don’t add up…   confirming my opinion that too many democrats are really bad at math! (check out the daily rant on this topic from November 7)

After a brief diversion into the nightmare we call Obamacare, We jumped into wolfpacks (which will hopefully be covered by the Non-Affordable-Healthcare- Plan)

Guest Nancy Warren from the National Wolf Watcher Coalition called in to discuss her opposition to the hunt.  Gracious host that I am, I let her do most of the talking, and helped clarify her views.  The data she used conflicts with the date I have and she promised to send me her sources and come back to discuss this in the future.  The road to understanding begins with agreement on facts, and when her claim that wolf conflicts are few and fabricated doesn’t match the data I have regarding wolf problems, we need to clear that up before we can move forward.

She did agree that if indeed there is a problem, the hunt may make sense, but doesn’t feel there is data supporting a hunt at this time.  This conflicts with information from the DNR, so at the moment… nobody’s opinion was changed… I think it makes sense, she does not.

A recent Hack Job posing as a report on false information leading to the hunt was not discussed due to time constraints, BUT I’ve posted two articles for you to read, and become better educated not only on the facts, but on the tactics used as well.  The hack job and a rebuttal article.

We talked to long we didn’t get to the parody song and limerick… but here they are for your listening pleasure (or dis-pleasure)


 Song Revisits

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