Mayors / Obamacare Anecdote & Wolf Watcher Corrections

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In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

Marquette, MINovember 16, 2013  –  Today’s installment of “In The Right Mind” began with interviews with the 3 Mayors in Marquette County.  Marquette Mayor Bob Niemi, Ishpeming Mayor Mike Tall, and Negaunee Mayor Keith LaCosse were in the studio discussing events in their respective cities.

Marquette is dealing with issues like the Hospital Move, the Old Dow Chemical Property, Heartwood forest and one of my favorites, Trucks rolling through Marquette.

Ishpeming is becoming a winter destination and I was very pleased to hear that they will hold a Christmas Parade the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This reminds me of the way things were done with I was a kid (a very long time ago).  The Ishpeming football team plays at 1pm today (Saturday) as they continue their trek to Ford Field.

Negaunee has its own issues, but has made great strides from 2 years ago when they were on the verge of needing an emergency manager.  The city is financially solvent and business is growing.  The Negaunee Miners are playing football downstate and we wish them success.

There were many corrections to make from last week’s conversation with Nancy Warren from the wolf watcher coalition.  As we agreed last week, we can’t agree on a solution if we can’t agree on the facts, and some of the opinions stated last week did NOT match the facts, so I corrected those issues as well.  Responses by the DNR will balance the information so you can make up your own mind.

Finally, an anecdote (a real life example for you liberal folk) from Todd on his experience with Obamacare was briefly discussed and will be discussed in more detail in the future.

It was so busy today we didn’t play any parody songs, or Limericks, but I will post them here anyway. the new end to the wolf limerick refers to the signatures and email opposition to the hunt: “it’s easy to get folks to sign, or send emails most of the time. It’s easy to do if the truth-you skew… So those signatures ain’t worth a dime!”

3 callers got through today (a 4th was too drunk to go on air – at 10am?)

The first was unhappy with our president (everyone in their right mind is)

The second called to say Hi to me.

The third corrected information about Negaunee cablevision

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