NMU Play Shows What Lies Ahead For Us If Liberal Policies Continue To Rule The USA

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NMU Theater Marquette

NMU Theater Marquette

Marquette  –  November 18, 2013  –  Dan’s Daily Rant 11/18/2013  –   Sometimes in the midst of all the issues we deal with, we lose sight of how lucky we are to live here in Upper Michigan.

This past weekend I attended a live production of Les Miserable at Northern Michigan University.  While I was looking forward to the production I was not planning on being as impressed as I was with the talent of the cast and production crew.

The story, of course takes place in a poverty stricken France in the 1800s; and while the setting may be what lies ahead for us if Liberal policies continue to rule the USA… I want to focus on the show itself.  Opportunities abound for us to see local talent in many areas.  From school plays, to community concerts, to  cultural events … we have the opportunity to witness and encourage local talent… and we should.

The wide array of talent in a wide range of ages I saw on the NMU made me stop in my tracks.  If you can… go see this show… and if you can’t see this show… take your friends & family for a night out somewhere.

It will be more memorable than watching “the annoying housewives of… ANYWHERE”!

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