Thanksgiving – A History & Proper Observance

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Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

Marquette,MINovember 30, 2013 – Today, on In The Right Mind, I departed from the usual format of sarcastic analysis and parody songs.

It is very important that we remember the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving, and to whom we give thanks.  Too much of the real meaning has been lost over the years – not just with commercialization, but with a purposeful abolition of God from the observance.

Those who gave thanks in the past were clearly giving thanks to God for the blessings they enjoyed, and the many proclamations by our nation’s leaders are clear on that.  From the very first Thanksgiving celebrated in 1619 (thanking God for safe journey to the new world) to the story most people THINK they know, the focus has always been gratitude to God-the author of all that is good.

The REAL Story of Thanksgiving was discussed as the first clear failure of socialism/communism on the American continent.  Thanksgiving proclamations by Sam Adams in 1777,  the continental congress in 1782 , George Washington in 1789,  and President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 all show that THEY knew their blessings came from “our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens”.

I complained twice this week in my Daily Rant on WFXD 103.3, that I don’t like stores being open on Thanksgiving day.  History, and early returns indicate that this practice does NOT increase total sales, but only changes the distribution of those sales.  This is the same result found in 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved thanksgiving to add one week of shopping.  People “In The Right Mind” back then sarcastically called it “Franks-Giving”

Not every state complied, and the sales results were not better in the states with the earlier date… so my message to stores is this.  “STAY CLOSED – IT’S A HOLIDAY”.  They abuse their employees and don’t gain, but they feel they are making a difference… (A Perfect Liberal Plan).

Please DO NOT shop at any store that is open in Thanksgiving Day, if you have a choice.  Purchase the same item at a store that WAS closed on the holiday to reward them for their honor of this truly American Holiday.  Hopefully next year, all stores will honor this holiday which has become overshadowed by Christmas Shopping Season.

I played some of my favorite Thanksgiving Songs and a new song “Mom & Dad” from my new CD (Dan Adamini –  Family… Faith… (and a little fun) which becomes available this month.

Tell your friends to listen to the entire show from today…

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Full Thanksgiving Show – In the The Right Mind – 11-30-2013

New Songs

Dan Adamini – Mom and Dad – 11-30-13




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  1. I heard your comment about getting everyone to take off the hats etc when the anthem is playing while deer hunting and ended up doing the announcing at a high school hockey game this week and tried it.

    It worked!

    and no i didnt get a deer

    December 2, 2013 at 10:19 pm

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