Kivela, The Pope, and Dan’s New CD

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Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MI – December 14, 2013: Michigan Legislator John Kivela ended a busy week in Lansing by joining me in the studio today.  Working like college students cramming for exams, the house held over 100 votes this week (before their winter break).  People who disagree can be friends, as long as we are honest with each other, and I do respect Rep. Kivela.  Some people would be surprised how much folks left and right of the aisle get along, but not those In their “Right MInd”.  We know that progress can only be made when we focus on our common goals, and work toward them.  That makes the occasional battle more acceptable.

We discussed bills on campaign finance (contribution limits from the 1970’s have been raised), Medical Marijuana will be regulated better, and available in varied forms. (it makes sense to me that if you need licenses to cut hair in your home, you should have some rules for Pot as well- The stuff you buy from the kid in his mom’s basement should be high quality!).  A bill to show the cost of Obamacare in insurance policies was passed, as well as a bill to tax only the difference in value when purchasing a car.  If a law enforcement official is serving papers to someone, they can now ignore the “no trespassing” sign on the violator’s property (can you believe they needed a law for that?).  The house leadership would not allow a vote to require political ads to show the name of the group or person funding ads (This was clearly a bad move by the GOP, and I’ll get more details on that for you).

Fr. Ben Paris joined me to discuss Time’s “person of the year” Pope Francis.  Even those who hate Catholics as much as they hate Obamacare generally like this pope-and for good reason.  Many misunderstand what has been said, but I think anything that makes you assess your faith is a good thing – even if what prompted your thoughts is mistaken.  The church is NOT changing direction, or its message; it is simply not allowing a handful of issues to overshadow its ongoing mission to serve – a responsibility we all share.

Finally, my new CD is available at Saykelly’s Store and MacDonald’s Music in Marquette, and online at  please give a listen, it makes a great gift – even if it’s just for yourself.  Titled “Family, FAith…(and a Little Fun), it is a collection of original songs I hope you enjoy.

Of course, my parody songs make a great gift for your friends – even those who are NOT in their “right minds”.  There is still time to order and get them in time for Christmas.

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