Christmas Season BEGINS on Christmas Eve

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Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MI December 28, 2013 -The Christmas Season Doesn’t End on Christmas Day! I talked about My Christmas, and invited folks to call in about Their Christmas.  If you are a person who does celebrate the birth of Jesus… you know that the weeks leading up to Christmas Day are days of preparation, and the celebration BEGINS on Christmas Eve.  Yet, the secular world has completely moved on from the Christmas Carols, and is fast moving toward Valentines Day in its never ending holiday spending rush.

Christmas Presents

My  best present this year was a surprise visit from my daughter Abbi.  she works in the retail world, and I was not expecting to see her… but her schedule allowed her to drive up to see us on Christmas Eve, and she didn’t have to work until the afternoon of the 26th, so she surprised us all.  The time with family and friends can be stressful, but if you take it in “The Right Mind”, you simply enjoy the good part of the holiday- and I did just that.

Rebuttals and Honesty

The only caller today wanted to buy radio time to rebut the common sense I preach, and reply with the usual liberal propaganda which promotes division and hatred (in the name of tolerance).  I do enjoy listening to those folks.  The caller did NOT want to discuss this on air – typical… they don’t want anyone holding them to honesty.

Today’s Music

Played songs from the CD “Christmas in the Right Mind” -available at the Great Lakes Radio Station. Obamacare was discussed because the present many received this year was a notice that their health care coverage was being cancelled because the President and his democrat minions deem them “substandard”.  Tried to put a more positive focus on things with a song from my CD “(Family, Faith…and a Little Fun) – available at the station and on line at

News Items

I talked about some news items from the past two weeks, but tried to stress the importance of celebrating Christmas until Epiphany (when so many though the world do their gift exchange – in honor of the magi/kings or whatever you want to call them)

My new year wish for you all is happiness & peace – something which is not given – but achieved by those who work for it.. and apparent in everyone in “their Right Mind”

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