Polar Vortex Keeps Dan Off The Air

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Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MIJanuary 11, 2013 — Travel Problems Inspire a New Parody Song & Limerick!

New Format This Week…

This week we started something new… I keep the facebook page open for Inthe Rightmind or facebook.com/intherightmindmqt

this way people who are too shy to call can still comment during the show.  The first participant was Max who gave a very sensible comment.  I appreciate the comment and the fact that he took part..so THANK YOU MAX!

As soon as I figure out twitter, I’ll be the best TWIT I can be and we’ll add that to the mix.


This Week’s new songs & limericks

You may recall that last week I was trying to get back to Marquette and sadly, did not.  While I was stuck on the runway I wrote a limerick and song for this week’s show.  Even though my voice has not recovered from overuse during Christmas, I think “Fly me to Marquette” is a pretty good song.

Recapping my Daily Rants on wfxd.com I also introduced a new song about the myth (or religion if you will) of “man-made global warming”.  the song Baby It’s cold outside may take 2 or 3 listens to get the full effect. someone posted a picture of why global warming is true… so I thought I’d add the picture of the long-term fluctuations in global temperatures.

Long-Term Fluctuations in Global Temperatures

Long-Term Fluctuations in Global Temperatures

I also discussed my ongoing battle with Chrylser Corporation and played the song “Dodge Sucks” in the hopes that eventually the corporate decision makers will do the right thing.

Election Year Politics

Gov. Christi reacted to his scandals in a much more respectable way than our president or secretary of state, and I plated the song “8 Scandals a Week” to remind people of the lack of honesty prevalent in the current administration.  The song “Rodeo Clown Obama” recalls the attack on the rodeo clown who wore an Obama Mask (just like every other president has been parodied).  People who disagree with Mr. Obama are called RACIST, but my problem is NOT the color of the President’s skin—it’s how thin it is.

Speaking o Governors, ours will give a State of the State addresss next week, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about that on next week’s show.  Listen to the song “Snyderman“.  In 3 short years Michigan’s Billion Dollar Debt has become a Billion Dollar Surplus!  He should run unopposed this time!

 Year in Review

Where would a review of 2013 be without the wolf topic?  I played my two favorite wolf songs: “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” and “Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone”.  You can also listen to past shows on this topic if you like.

The boy scout decision to welcome openly gay scouts gave me thte opportunity to play one of my faorite songs “In the Boy Scouts”… and Illegal Immigration will be a big topic this year, so I played “Run Run Run til the INS Takes them Away


New Songs

New Limericks

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