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Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

Marquette, MiJanuary 18, 2014 – Nobody In their Right Mind should agree with the Michigan Education Association support of a convicted pedophile rapist teacher, Neil Erickson.  But 7 teachers and one school board member support the teacher’s union decision to seek $10,000 for the convicted child molester.

The union is pursuing the funds almost as aggressively as the teacher pursued his victim – quietly and without explanation.  Calls for explanations go unanswered and no information is available on the Teacher’s Union web site.  The story hit the news again this week because the 7 teachers who wrote letters seeking leniency for the child abuser will see no consequences for their serious lack of judgment.

Victimized Again

the victim’s family however has been threatened and victimized by those who think raping a student isn’t such a bad thing.  The Parents were threatened, if they went forward with prosecution of Mr. Erickson, they would suffer retaliation. The threats were not just veiled – they were carried out. The Janczewski’s garage was burned down, their house barely escaping the fire and the message “I Told You – You Will Pay” scrawled on the side of their home.

Call to Action

The parody song listed below, “The Devil in the MEA” illustrates the evil of supporting those who commit evil.  If rank & file teachers were to withhold support of their union dues, I’m sure the leadership would react properly.  Does anyone remember when the MEA supported GOOD teachers AND the students they teach?  They have strayed, and the rank and file seem to be watching from behind

 Michigan State of the State (and democrat whiny response)

“Relentless Positive Action” has brought Michigan a long way in a few short years.  In 2010 Michigan was either THE worst or among the worst in every category most states use to rank themselves.  In the past 3 years, Michigan has become #1 in manufacturing job creation and has also jumped from #50 to #7 in economic growth.  All without blaming the mess the governor inherited (from a governor who shall not be named)

I summarize the response to the improving state of Michigan by democrat Tim Griemel as “I know we ran things into the ground, but I don’t like the way the republicans fixed it, so give us another chance please”.  He (like many who repeat the talking points, half-truths & out-right lies) knows his supporters will simply repeat what he says without verifying its truth… so be prepared for a fun campaign season.

This year you will hear many things.  My simple request is that you will not repeat anything you haven’t verified as true, even if you hear it from me.  Don’t take anyone’s word until you verify it is true.  That’s the only way to stay in your Right Mind!

From Governor Snyder’s closing comments:

Things Down since 2010: Crime, Infant Mortality, Unadopted Children, Homelessness, Regulations, and the state’s Long Term Liabilities.

Things Up since 2010: Private Sector Jobs, Labor Force, Per Capita Income, Population, Home Sales & Home Prices, Building Permits, K-12 Investment, Access to Preschool, 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency, Veteran’s Services, Senior Protections, Rainy Day Fund, and the states Credit Rating.

listen to the state of the state  address


the democrat response

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