Congressman Benishek & State Rep. Kivela move bills forward

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Election Day

Dan Benishek

Marquette, MIFebruary 8, 2014 – Legislators working hard for Upper Michigan!

Today I was happy to welcome Congressman Dan Benishek to the show.  I never agree with anyone 100% of the time, but I agree with Dr Benishek more often than I disagree, and that makes him a good egg in my book.  He recently introduced legislation that would cut congressional pay if the previous year showed a deficit… a great idea in my book (but the bill will sadly not move too far forward)  His bill HR1825 passed the house and now needs senators to pressure Harry Reid to allow a vote.  This bill assures citizens access to federal lands unless expressly prohibited.  This makes it clear that hunting and fishing is permitted unless posted otherwise.  Can you believe this actually has to be made law – it should be common sense.  Call your senators Levin and Stabenow if you want this to come to a vote.

State Representative John Kivela (D-Marquette)

State Representative John Kivela (D-Marquette)

State Rep. John Kivela was in the studio today, and was as cheerful as usual.  He truly is my favorite democrat! (I hope that doesn’t hurt his reputation).  His bill making it harder to manufacture Meth is moving forward.  I had never heard the term “smurfing” until it was used by Mr Kivela… and the minute I heard it, I wrote the song “Smurfin’ USA” I had to sit on it 2 months waiting for his return to the show.  We discussed the propane shortage and I learned new things – I love it when that happens.  We also discussed a couple bills introduced in Lansing and I was pleasantly surprised that fewer “nutty” bills were introduced in the past couple months.

Finally, I encourage all who can to volunteer for the UP 200 race next week.  Organizers are still looking for help in some areas… and one great thing about the U.P. is the people who live here  – who are always willing to step up and help .   and enjoy the UP 200 song

Ski jumps in Iron Mountain this weekend reminded me to thank all the volunteers from the Ishpeming Ski club who put on the Suicide Hill Ski Jump event this past Wednesday..  listen to the ski jump songDon’t forget to visit my daily blogs at

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