Would the MEA lie about Dan Benishek while the secret service spreads Ebola on Obama’ Golf Course?

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In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM

Marquette, Mi October 4, 2014 – Interview with Dan Benishek – Secret Service – Ebola – and More Lies from the Democrat Governors Association

secret service

secret service

 Secret Service

A Fence-Jumper as apparently the last straw in a long list of scandals plaguing the Secret Service Agency.  The song SECRET SERVICE MAN makes light of a situation that is not funny at all.  It does show what happens when you place incompetent people in positions of authority.  May as well throw in the song OBAMA’S IN WAY OVER HIS HEAD


Ebola Virus is Here

Ebola in Africa

Ebola in Africa

Those who claim the Ebola Virus is a conservative plot (and there are many) are not happy that the virus has found its way into the U.S. Why do you suppose WE are the ones with the cure?  It’s because we are not a completely government controlled system -YET.  What will happen when we are government run?  We will no longer be the ones with the answers… PROFIT is a big motivator – one we are punishing under our new evolving health care system.  The song EBOLA hits the subject in an interesting way.

U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek (MI - 01) (R)

U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek (MI – 01) (R)

Congressman Dan Benishek

Dr Dan called in as he traverses the 1st district meeting his constituents.  Our congressman is consistent in his focus that we need to stop spending more than we earn.  I respect consistency and honesty – and therefore, I respect Congressman Benishek.  the song BENISHEK is cute too!

In The Right Mind – Interview – Dan Benishek – 100414.mp3




Democrat Governers Assn

Democrat Governers Assn

More Lies From the Democrat Governor’s Association and the MEA

The Democrat Governor’s Association has “doubled-down” on the lie that Governor Snyder cut $1 Billion from Education in Michigan.  Apparently they do believe their followers are dim enough to believe the lie and lazy enough not to check the honesty. Sadly they may be right.  The new song LIBERAL LIES bemoans the fact that they do get away with lying.  I’ve asked for those who say “everyone lies” to send me the Michigan Republican ads with lies…. STILL WAITING!!!!!




Dingle is no Longer going to Dangle in the U.S. House – But his WIFE wants to

Even though this is not our district… I find it interesting that This congressional seat seems to be owned by the Dingle Family.  From Father, to Son, to Wife… Dingles have Dangled in this seat since 1933.  And they want to continue until they hit the century mark – God Help Us!  The Song DINGLE WILL RUN sums up my feelings on this issue.


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