Carl’s Top-7 Earth, Wind, & Fire Songs

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Hey guys, if you listened to my show earlier, I mentioned how much I love Earth, Wind, & Fire.  One of my favorite classic rock bands, they incorporated jazz, rock, soul, R&B, and funk all into one awesome listening experience.  If you’ve never really given them a chance, here are my top-7 favorite songs by the group.  Enjoy!

1.)  Shining Star (That’s the Way of the World – 1975)

From the trumpet, to the guitar, this song just has you groovin’ out from beginning to end.

2.)  September (Radio Single – 1978)

Fantastic big-band style song incorporated with a driving beat that is relaxing to listen to.

3.)  Let’s Groove (Raise! – 1981)

I’m a big lover of funk, and this song drops it from beginning to end.

4.)  Boogie Wonderland (I Am. – 1979)

Based on name alone, you ought to check this song out.

5.)  Reasons (That’s the Way of the World – 1975)

Easy listening with a happy tone to it.

6.)  Sing a Song (Gratitude – 1975)

I’m posting a lot of their hits, but you really need to expand on them.  Fantastic group.

7.)  Fantasy (All ‘N All – 1978)

A perfect example of how they combine so many different genres into one.  AND MAKE IT WORK!


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-Carl Leander Johnson

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