How Do You Define Craft Beer?

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An interesting question was raised this week as a California craft brewer is suing Miller-Coors over using the term “Craft Beer” on the label of their Blue Moon brand.

Zach Rabun of Mockery Brewing states that while Blue Moon is marketed as a craft beer, it is produced in the same brewery in which the rest of the Miller-Coors beer products are brewed. Miller-Coors released a statement saying:
There are countless definitions of craft, none of which are legal definitions.

This news comes amidst a war between craft brewers and corporate brewers, a battle of words that has a “David vs. Goliath” feel to it. Craft brewing has become very popular, and many customers are moving away from big-name brews to local and regional crafts.

Budweiser received a lot of backlash for this Super Bowl commercial, with many tongue-and-cheek references to craft breweries, stating that their beer is “brewed the hard way”

How do you feel about craft breweries? Do you consider Blue Moon a craft beer? Tell us below!

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