Should The Detroit Tigers Trade Justin Verlander – Sunny Overnights with Jeremy

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Justin Verlander is rumored to be in trade discussions.

Justin Verlander is rumored to be in trade discussions.

Marquette, MI- July 6th, 2017- It’s almost the All-Star break for Major League Baseball and that means the trade deadline looms right after. With their being a break that means general managers can get deep into trade discussions. One rumor that is out their is that the Detroit Tigers will listen to offers for star pitcher Justin Verlander.

The question is, should the Tigers even trade him? This is easy for me, yes, I’ve been saying for two years now that the Tigers need to start selling off their pieces and rebuild. After manager Brad Ausmus’ first season and the team being swept in the ALDS, the writing was on the wall. The window for the Tigers to win a World Series closed. Their manager who had helped turn the franchise around retired, free agent pitchers were about to walk, and the team had too many bloated contracts.

It’s tough for fans to realize because we want our teams to win so badly but sometimes you just have to understand the situation of your team. The Tigers wanted to believe they could still compete but it is clear they cannot. Their stars who are owed a ton of money are only getting older, and they don’t have anything in their farm system to supplement the team with young, cheap talent.

It is time to stock the farm system and sell of your veterans with big contracts. Yes, it will be hard to watch for a few years but this is the way the league is going. You have to be able to use your farm system, unless you have the money the Dodgers, Yankees, and Red Sox have, you can’t spend the money the Tigers have been spending. It’s time to trade away players who have brought a winning culture back to Detroit and that could start with Verlander.

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