Major League Baseball Needs Another Change for the Home Run Derby – Sunny Overnights with Jeremy

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The Home Run Derby is on tonight and I won't be watching. If they make this one change I will.

The Home Run Derby is on tonight and I won’t be watching. If they make this one change I will.

Marquette, MI- July 11th, 2017- As I was saying on the show today, the MLB Home Run Derby has to be the most boring event in sports. I am a big sports fan, I watch almost every event you can think of but I stopped watching this one. It has been years since I watched this even because I realized I couldn’t take five more hours of watching professional hitters take batting practice.

The MLB realized this event was not keeping people’s attention as they saw their ratings drop. I know they have made some changes to the event, a bracket styled tournament. They also put time limits on each round forcing the hitters to swing rather than keep watching them take pitches until they got a perfect one. This helped in terms of picking the pace up for the event, that way it doesn’t take five hours anymore but I think they need to do more or even get a new event.

I think one thing you could change about the event is adding a point system for range of a home run. We all love watching people hit home runs rather than base hits. But we also love watching players crush them out of stadiums, so let’s put more incentive on distance. 400 ft homers get you an extra point, 450 another 2, 500 gets you 3 extra. You catch what I’m thinking of. I think this would help make each homer a little more exciting. They already track the distance on them but if your rooting for somebody this makes each home run have a little bit of excitement to it.

I had fun today and look forward to joining you again tomorrow. You can see more at my web page.