Carl’s Top-5 Week Six Fantasy Football Add-Ons

Filed under: Sunny Overnight | guys, this will likely be a weekly post that I’ll do throughout the NFL season.  I’m a HUGE fantasy enthusiast, so you can expect this sort of thing from me regularly.  We’ll start every week off with a look at how I did the week before.  So….HERE WE GO!

Week 5:

1.)  LaGarrett Blount:  I’m not going to lie, this one was a stinker of a pick.  Can you blame me though?  He’s on the Patriots, who have done well offensively this season.  All of his competitors in the backfield were dinged up or out.  He’d put up 60+ yards in two straight performances and even scored a touchdown in one.  He was playing a Bengals defense that allowed the Packers’ Johnathan Franklin to rack up 100+ yards.  It all added up, except the Patriots (all of them offensively) forgot to show up.

2.)  Andre Ellington:  I said last week that he’ll be the starter eventually, so you’re going to have to be patient on this pick.  He did have 52-yards rushing on just seven carries, so I’m still convinced he’ll be worth a roster spot eventually.

3.)  Kenbrell Thompkins:  Yikes.  Usually the Patriots are as solid a pick as anybody.  Not last week.  Sorry if you listened to me.  Stick with me though, that game was an anomaly.  I swear.

4.)  Danny Woodhead:  He did pretty well, especially if you’re in a PPR league, so stick with him as the bye weeks continue.

5.)  Atlanta Falcons Defense:  They failed to force any turnovers, but managed to sack Jets’ Quarterback Geno Smith four times,  so not a complete waste.


Week 6 Waiver Wire Pick-ups

1.)  Alshon Jeffery (WR – Chicago Bears)

If this guys is still available, GO AND GET HIM.  Here’s his yardage totals for his last three games in order:  51, 107, & 218.  He’s becoming a very prominent target for Jay Cutler and the Bears’ passing game.  With teammate Brandon Marshall getting double teamed, he’s able to use his size and speed to get open, and is showing he was worth the early round pick in 2012.

2.)  Harry Douglas  (WR – Atlanta Falcons)

News came down today that Falcons’ WR Julio Jones is likely done for the season after suffering a foot injury on Monday Night.  Douglas will surely become a new target for QB Matt Ryan as the Falcons move forward.  The loss of Jones, plus the bye week & the return of Stephen Jackson will allow Douglas to be implemented into the game plan as a #2 wide receiver.

3.)  Cecil Shorts/Justin Blackmon (WR – Jacksonville Jaguars)

Let’s be honest, the Jaguars are terrible.  However, despite the inevitably poor play of quarterback Blaine Gabbart, he’s managed to get these guys the ball.  Blackmon just returned for his first game after serving a four-game suspension and all he did was have five catches for 136 yards and a touchdown, while freeing up Cecil Shorts for five catches for 74-yards and a touchdown of his own.  While I don’t view these guys as must starts every week, they are going to be behind quite often leading to a lot of passes.  So definitely worth picking up for the bye weeks or if you’ve got some injury problems.

4.)  Jay Cutler  (QB – Chicago Bears)

To start this off, I have to say:  I dislike almost everything about this man.  From how he carries himself to the team he plays for.  I can’t deny, however, that he’s had a pretty decent year.  While he still has the ability to break your heart with interceptions, he has one of the best schedules coming up for any QB.  His next seven games are as follows:  vs New York Giants, @Washington, @ Green Bay, Detroit, Baltimore, @ St. Louis, & @ Minnesota.  That is a pretty delicious schedule for any quarterback, and the Bears’ offense hasn’t been all that terrible this year, so he may get a decent chance to succeed if you need a QB during the bye weeks or if an injury occurs.

5.)  Heath Miller  (TE – Pittsburgh Steelers)

Miller was a top-10 option at TE last season in fantasy, and his quarterback Ben Roethlisberger absolutely loves him.  Miller only started playing in week 3 and already has nine targets for 100+ yards.  The Steelers’ offensive line is struggling this year, so who is Big Ben going to dump the ball off to?  Heath Miller.  Pick him up.  You’ll thank me later.


That’s all I got for this week, thanks guys!  E-mail any questions you have to me at:

-Carl Leander Johnson

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