Carl’s Top-5 Fantasy Football Add-Ons: Week 8

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footballHey guys, I try to do this every week on either Tuesday or Wednesday, so here it goes.  These are, in my opinion, players that you should attempt to claim off of waivers in your fantasy football league.  Some players are meant to serve one-week fill-ins, and some are more of a “claim ‘n stash” sort of thing.  Here are my recommendations for week 8:

1.)  Jarrett Boykin – WR Green Bay Packers

The dude has Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball.  With Randall Cobb, James Jones, & Jermichael Finley missing some time, he’s going to become that slot receiver that Rodgers will look for.  In his one start this season, he had 103 yards and a touchdown on eight receptions.  He’s going to keep it going, because Cobb’s & Finley’s injuries are probable (fantasy) season enders.


2.)  Darrius Heyward-Bey – WR Indianapolis Colts

We learned two things on Sunday about the Colts:  Andrew Luck can straight up ball, and Reggie Wayne is out for the season.  With that, I give you:  Hey-Bay.  He’s fast, quick, and has good hands.  The Colts may say that they want to run the ball more, but I honestly believe that Trent Richardson is the most overrated player in the NFL.  The Colts are going to throw it more, and DHB will get his chances.   Colby Fleener @ TE is also worth a spot too

3.)  Reuben Randle – WR New York Giants

Notice a theme here?  While I’m a firm believer in the running back position, it’s becoming more & more stable to play a wide receiver at your flex position.  Teams have become so concerned with stopping top-two WRs Victor Cruz & Hakeem Nicks that Randle has been able to take advantage of some pretty good match ups.  The Giants aren’t going to go 1-15 either, but their defense isn’t much to look at, so they will be down a lot and have to throw the ball.  Pick him up if he’s still available.

4.)  Roy Helu Jr. – RB Washington Redskins

Mike Shanahan is the coach of the Washington Redskins, and has frustrated fantasy football owners for the entire existence of fantasy football.  Many analysts refer to his personnel decision making as “Shanahanigans”, so that right there should clue you in on his deal.  He gave starting RB Alfred Morris 19 carries for 95-yds, which is a 5.0 yard-per-carry average for all of you mathematical invalids out there, and when the Redskins got inside the ten yard line, who got the ball?  ROY HELU!  To the tune of THREE touchdowns.  Unbelievable.  As an Alfred Morris owner, I can only attribute this to Shanahanigans.  Pick him up if you’re in running back trouble, because he will figure into the mix from here on out.

5.)  Percy Harvin – WR Seattle Seahawks

If you haven’t been looking ahead to see when he is coming back, you should now.  After pre-season hip surgery, Harvin was expected to be out at least until week 11.  Well, a speedy recovery has put that to bed, as he’s slated to start practicing THIS WEEK.  The Seahawks gave up a first round pick to acquire Harvin, so you know he’s going to be a huge part of the offense moving forward.  He’s a multi-threat player that can run, catch, and even throw if you’re looking for a little trickery.  He’s a PPR monster and a standard league must-start.  He may not play until week 10, but if he’s available, GET HIM!


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