Carl’s Top-10 Halloween Candies

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Happy Hallowen everybody!  The title should’ve given this one away.

1.)  Take-5:  This candy bar could not be more underrated.  It has it all – Milk Chocolate, Peanuts, Pretzels, Caramel, and (my favorite) Peanut Butter.  Get it and you’ll be the most popular person on the block.  Guaranteed…..every time.

2.)  Reese’s Peanut-Butter Cup:  A classic.  Can’t go wrong.  Used to be my number one, but I ate so much that it fell down a peg due to weariness.

3.)  100-Grand Bar:  Delicious.  PURE DELICIOUSNESS.  Especially when dipped in peanut-butter…..I know…..I’m watching my weight.

4.)  Butterfinger:  Sensing a theme here?  I love peanut butter.  I could eat a PB & J every day for the rest of my life.

5.)  Baby Ruth:  The first candy bar mentioned that doesn’t involve peanut-butter, but there is peanuts & nougat….so there’s that.

6.)  Snickers:  The original.  ‘Nuff said.

7.)  Swedish Fish:  First non-chocolate item on the list.  I may like it so much due to my Swedish heritage, but they’re delicious.  Fact.

8.)  Sour Patch Kids:  Basically just different shapes and added some sourness from Swedish Fish and you got SPK.

9.)  Kazoozles:  You’ve probably never heard of this even, but head over to Holiday Gas Station and buy some.

10.)  Milky Way:  You can’t have a list without Milky Way.  You just can’t.


Don’t be the “Healthy House”… out so the kids don’t T.P. your house.  Enjoy everybody!

-Carl Leander


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