Carl’s Top 5 Fantasy Football Adds for Week 10

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 Okay guys, we’re getting down to it now.  Some of you are fortunate, and are already staring a playoff berth in the face.  Others….are not so fortunate.  You others need a spark.  These guys should help you out moving forward.  Leggo!


1.)  James Starks – RB Green Bay Packers

If he isn’t already owned, you gotta go get him.  The Packers just lost Aaron Rodgers for an extended period of time, and are going to do one thing on offense until he comes back:  Run, RUN, and RUN!  Going into this past Monday’s game, Coach McCarthy said he wanted to limit Eddie Lacy to 20 carries per game.  Well that was before running was going to be the focal point of the offense.  He isn’t going to give Lacy 30-carries per game, so Starks is a natural choice here.

2.)  Lance Moore – WR New Orleans Saints

Moore has been injured for much of the season, and is only just starting to get his groove back with quarterback Drew Brees.  Jimmy Graham is the player you want on the Saints, but Brees can’t throw to him every play.  Marques Colston has been ineffective and injured, so Brees is looking for another consistent target.  Kenny Stills, as I said last week, is a boom or bust type of player, but Lance Moore (who has been referred to as the “poor man’s Wes Welker”) is going to be involved consistently.  Moore led the team in targets in week 9, so look for him if you need a WR.

3.)  Tennessee Titans Defense

The funny thing about these guys is that they should be universally owned.  They’ve been more than serviceable thus far, but the fact that they’re the Titans has left them unowned in many leagues (Much like the Carolina Panthers, get them if your league hasn’t been doing their homework.).  What’s special about this week is they’re the perfect plug ‘n play defense if you need a win.  They play the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Defenses that have played the Jaguars have AVERAGED  over 13 points per game in ESPN standard scoring.  The Titans, meanwhile, average nine, which ranks them in the top-8 defenses in the league.  Play them.

4.)  Riley Cooper – WR Philadelphia Eagles

As long as Nick Foles is the quarterback in Philadelphia, Cooper will figure into the offense.  In games where Michael Vick was the quarterback, Cooper averaged just three points per game in ESPN standard scoring.  With Foles….12.  That is pretty steady.  He did have a breakout game last week, but he still showed that Foles trusts him.  Pick him up!

5.)  Shonn Greene – RB Tennesse Titans & Mike Tolbert – RB San Diego Chargers

These guys are what FX’s “The League” would refer to as vultures.  They pick away at fantastic fantasy performances by coming in after the real stud has done all the work to score on a one-yard touchdown.  Tolbert has been doing it for years now, sorry Matthews & past Tomlinson owners, but Shonn Greene is new to the scene as a vulture.  Chris Johnson had his first productive statistical day of the season on the ground and even scored a touchdown.  He could’ve had a HUGE day had Shonn Greene not come in for a, you guessed it, one-yard touchdown.  As I said about the Titans Defense, they play Jacksonville this week.  Greene will get a chance at the goal line.  If you’re looking to make an unexpected playoff run, you don’t have time to be stubborn.  Fortune favors the bold.  Go for it.



That does it for this week guys!  Hope this helps some of you out there.

-Carl Leander Johnson

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