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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the expansion of social media, the ability to access entertainment is at an all-time high.  Youtube is becoming a means for average people to express themselves, or even extraordinary people to get discovered for their talents.  Here are some Youtube channels that you guys may find entertaining.


1.)  Lindsey Stirling

Linsey Stirling is a violinist who does covers of famous music (movies, tv shows, video games, etc.) and also creates her own compositions.  She’s very talented and completely worth a visit and a download (paid for, of course).


2.)  Epic Rap Battles of History

Inappropriate for those under 18.  For those of you that are over the age of 18, this is one of the funnier youtube channels.  They bust out one season per year and they’re all clever, hilarious…..and offended for those with an over-enlarged seriousness gland.


3.)  Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles has become a mainstay on Youtube for the past seven years and has made her success at poking fun at the world around her.  She’ll go on rants, talk about her life, or do a parody of something she finds amusing.  While some of it is NOT age appropriate, for my fellow sarcastics, it doesn’t get much better.


4.)  College Humor

Most of this is for people who are 18+.  This page is for those looking to laugh for endless hours.  That’s all I really got.


5.)  ESPN

As you guys know, I’m a sports guy.  If you’re looking for some classic or current highlights, this page has ’em all.  Check it out!


That’s all I got for you today guys, talk to you tomrrow!

-Carl Leander

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