Does Everything Need to be a Comparison These Days?

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As a typical kid my age (I’m 22), I go on social media often.  The more I do, the more I get annoyed to be perfectly honest.  I saw a post/meme yesterday involving the deaths of Paul Walker & Nelson Mandela.  It read something like this:

“If you’ve spent the past week mourning the death of this man (an arrow point to Paul Walker), but haven’t the slightest clue who this man is (another arrow, pointing to Nelson Mandela), congratulations…’re what’s wrong with the world.”

Let’s be honest, there is no comparison here who did more for humanitarianism here between the two, but are we really going to downplay one tragic death here in the wake of a passing legend?  I’ve never even seen The Fast & The Furious, but I don’t need to.  For somebody to come out and say that one life is worth more is just ludicrous.  The blatant truth here is that Paul Walker passed away much too soon, and left behind a family that will miss him for the rest of their lives.  Nelson Mandela was a great man who worked tirelessly to better the lives of his countrymen.  Why do we feel the need to compare the two?  One was an actor, and one was an activist.  That doesn’t make one better than the other.  I’m a HUGE nerd and my favorite books/movies are the Lord of the Rings novels, so I’m going to pull out a (paraphrased) quote  by Gandalf the Grey (JRR Tolkien):

“It is not up to us when we are put on this earth.  All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” 

I just feel that downplaying one death in the wake of another is, simply put, in bad taste and completely unnecessary.  We should mourn both deaths and celebrate all life that has had a positive influence in the world.  Simple as that.  Rest in Peace to both men and my prayers are with both of their families.  End of rant.

-Carl Leander

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