Carl’s Christmas Collection

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Christmas is a time for classics and family.  If you’re looking to just kick back and listen to some instrumental Christmas music, check these guy’s out.  They’re pretty darn fantastic.

1.)  Trans-Siberian Orchestra

They classic carols and turn them into heavy metal rock-outs.  If you like metal music and Christmas music, then these are the guys for you.


2.)  Manheim Steamroller

Chirstmas Clasic.  Not a Christmas has gone by without Papa Lee (my dad) throwing these guys in the CD player.  They play everything Christmas and make it sound cool as heck.  You won’t be disappointed.


3.)  Stardust Swing Band

For some reason, these guys don’t show up on Youtube so much.  If you can find a CD of theirs, I highly recommend it.  They play all of the classics in a “Big-Band” style of music.  You gotta love this kind of stuff if you’re a child at heart.


4.)  Kenny G

He’s a saxophone player.  Everybody knows this.  His Christmas stuff is that of legend in the Johnson household though.  So relaxing.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’ve been on a five-CD rotation since I was about nine-years-old.  All that remains beside these four groups is the book on CD version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.


There you go guys.  Have a great Christmas season and fill it with lots of music.  You can’t go wrong!


-Carl Leander


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