How a Bachelor Party Should be Remembered

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NHS Football CarlI’m starting to hit the age where some of my good friends are starting to get married.  The first guy of my little clique will be getting married this July, with two more in store over the next two years.  Of course, with a wedding, comes all of the extras:  Engagement dinners, tux fittings, planning the event, and of course… the bachelor party.  Well after much discussion, we finally came to a conclusion on where we would celebrate the metaphorical death of our friend:  Chicago.  My friend is (inexplicably) a Cubs fan, and with the city being slightly larger than Marquette (sarcasm should be coming through pretty hard right now), Chicago seemed like a pretty legit place to “celebrate”.

After two nights of celebrating, a Cubs game, and a trip to the beach or two, I don’t think I would openly discuss what happened at the party with anybody but my other seven companions.  While we all made memories that we’ll hopefully never forget, it’s just for us.  Nobody else.  In this social media driven world, there are very few things that are held within a small group of people these days.  I may have sent a late-night tweet or two, but nothing really all that detailed.  The bachelor party is a bond between groom & friends.  Simple as that.  The following picture is how the outside world should know about a bachelor party & what went on.



Keep going.










Almost There







Some things are meant to be private.  Keep them off Facebook people.

Some things are meant to be private. Keep them off Facebook people.  -Carl Leander


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