The United States Men’s National Team Advances to Knockout Stage of World Cup

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I can’t take credit for this image, as it’s been circulating Twitter for the past two weeks, but let’s be honest for a minute here. This is perhaps the greatest work of art in the history of mankind.

In a world where ties feel like losses, and losses feel like wins, the 2014 World Cup has been pretty exciting for the Red, White, ‘n Blue.  Despite losing to Germany 1-0 on Thursday, the United States will make it to the Round of 16 for the second consecutive World Cup.

This isn’t about that though.  This article is about something far more fundamental to the very being of every person who waves the Stars and Stripes.  To those who bleed not just red, but white & blue as well.  Those people who have the Star Spangled Banner on their iPod, sure you skip over it more times than not, but still, it’s there in your heart.  This article is about….. AMERICA.

Even if you don’t care for soccer (and I’ll be honest, I don’t), the games are still exciting.  Watching Dempsey, Howard, Jones, and (hopefully) Jozy Altidore on the pitch gives you a sense of pride and excitement for the United States in a sport we’re not supposed to be very good at.  The tie on Sunday literally made me feel upset at the loss, something that’s never happened before in the world of soccer for me.

So while you’re dressed like Captain America with your American Flag sunglasses, chanting “USA! USA! USA!” while rooting for the USMNT to get that Cup, just remember:  The only colors that really matter are Red.  White.  And Blue.

America:  Takin’ names and kickin’ a*$ since 1776.

-Carl Leander Johnson


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