Abby Palmer Interview On the 8th Day about the Seed Swap at the Peter White Public Library

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Marquette, MI – April 4th, 2016 – Abby Palmer is the Education Coordinator of the North Farm branch of the MSU farm extension, located in Chatham in the Upper Peninsula.

She sat down with Todd Paz to talk about how the Michigan State University extension program helps farmers in the U.P. The North Farm is a ‘farm incubator’ program that helps beginning farmers gain a foothold and establish new farms throughout our area.

Her program is also focuses on short-course programs as well, helping local teachers and organizations introduce students to different gardening and farming techniques that they then can use throughout their lives.

As libraries are phasing-out their outdated card catalogue libraries, Abby talked with us about how her program helps start seed libraries using the space of those old card catalogues. Seed libraries are vital to preserving genetic diversity in our crops, and Abby’s program helps establish seed libraries that focus on crops and plants that thrive in the Upper Peninsula.

LISTEN Abby Palmer Interview on the 8th Day about the Annual Seed Swap in Marquette and the North Farm Extension of the MSU Farming Program – 04/02/2016

MORE INFOMichigan State University’s North Farm Website

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