8th Day Interview – Chris Osier – MRHC Fashion Show and Wild Fire History

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8th Day Interview: Chris Osier

8th Day Interview: Chris Osier

Marquette, MI – March 12th, 2016 – Todd Paz was joined on the 8th Day by Chris Osier, the Executive Director of the Marquette Regional History Center, to talk about the Marquette Regional History Center’s Fashion Show as well as some wildfire history!

Every seven years, the History Center holds a fashion show to display some locally-produced art, which is created by taking vintage clothing and/or materials and forming them into something that could be worn today. In the past, residents of the Upper Peninsula were often unable to get new clothing and materials due to their remote locations, and that’s what led the Marquette Regional History Center to hold it’s fashion show every seven years. It features works from artist with a focus on recycled or up-cycled clothing, and it also gives residents a glance back into the past. This year, they showcased five different artists, and there was even an overall winner of the fashion show selected!

The Marquette Regional History Center also recently held their U.P. Wildfires Program, and Randy Swaty, an ecologist for the Nature Conservancy’s Land Fire Team, came to the History Center to discuss wildfire history in Marquette County. Chis and Todd finished the show talking about their Orchestra history from Marquette County!

Listen – Chris Osier – Interview – Marquette Regional History Center

More Information – Marquette Regional History Center’s website

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