8th Day Interview – Robbie Shell – Bees on the Roof Author

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Bees on the RoofMarquette, MI – September 17th, 2016 Summer is coming to an end, and everyone with a garden is enjoying the benefits of harvest time. Bees play a huge part in pollinating more than 70 types of crops, and many of our favorite garden plants couldn’t thrive without bees.

The host of the 8th day, Todd Paz, caught up with author Robbie Shell to talk about her new book “Bees on the Roof”.

Her book focuses on a group of fictional students who start a bee keeping operation on the roof of a building. Together, the students overcome problems and learn about how nature connects us all.

She also shared with us her journey from writing the book to getting it published, and discussed how important bees are to our ecosystem.

LISTEN – 8th Day Interview – Robbie Shell – Bees on the Roof Pt.1

Bees on the Roof Pt. 2

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