The 8th Day of Note: Dump Months Gone?

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Top Box Office for February and March Feature Many Good Movies

Top Box Office for February and March Feature Many Good Movies – Credit:

Todd Pazz, Contributing Editor,
Marquette, MichiganMarch 13, 2017 – This weekend I noticed on –the movie review aggregator site– that there were a lot of movies that were highly rated and in the top 10 box office.  In fact, 8 of the 10 top box office movies were rated good or better.

For this time of year, I was surprised.  Usually, except for re-releases of award winners, January through March movies historically were mostly bad, with a few good ones that the studios had no faith in so they dropped them in these throwaway months.

There is even an industry term for the phenomenon of bad movies released during January, February, and even March: Dump Months

Not sure if the goodness trend will last, but last year, when the R-rated Deadpool listed February 12 for its release, despite positive reviews and awesome trailers, I was leery.  Turned out, though, it was good.  I laughed and can’t wait to see the sequel.

Of course, there were some brain dead releases like Fifty Shades Darker (9% on, released for Valentines Day.  The trend, however, does seem to be improving for these months.

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