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Why “Drivin’ Home Show?”


I was asked the other day about the name of the show = “The Drivin’ Home Show.”

To answer, I need to drive my memory back to the early days of my radio/TV career which started at WXCO/WYCO in Wausau, WI.  It was a very small Full Service (meaning we did obituaries and lost pet reports) AM Country Station; and a 100,000 Watt FM with an 1100 ft. tower.  BIG STATION!!!!Related image

This is how studios looked back in the day! (No, that’s not me)

That was 1986, I was pretty young (19) and at the time was convinced of my own greatness!  I rocked – Just ask me!!  Well, when ego get the best of you – you wind up doing and saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and that person was my boss who took back my key to the building and that was that.

My next opportunity was at WTSO/Z104 in Madison – and my mentor was a guy named Pat Martin.  Pat was then what I have become now – the “Old Guy” with the stories!  But Pat was great, and shared a lot of his knowledge with me and a couple of the other “youngsters” in the building and taught is we were only as good as our last show.  He stressed humility because at the end of the day, as Pat taught me…..they really can find someone better if they needed to.

Pat’s show on AM1070 WTSO in the late 1980’s was “The Drivin” Home Show.”

Pat’s long gone (people in the industry lead pretty destructive lives sometimes) and as my ‘Homage I decided when I cam back that I would call this “The Drivin Home Show” as a Thank You to Pat.





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