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Pastor Jeff - energizing your Sunday afternoons on Time for Wisdom!

Pastor Jeff – energizing your Sunday afternoons on Time for Wisdom!

Marquette, MI  –  March 5, 2017  –  When Walter Cronkite used to do the daily CBS national news way back in the day, viewers would have been hard pressed to witness a political slant to his broadcast. Today times have certainly changed and viewers are being asked every day to blindly accept the biases of one network over another. Is this wise?

Since unvarnished truth is a fundamental element in demonstrating and

possessing wisdom, and since truth is being so readily and routinely exchanged for lies and half-truths by all sides in the daily news and throughout society and the political spectrum, would it be fair to say that our American culture has reached a melting point, a major cultural shift, as a result of this growing societal trend away from the preservation of truth, wisdom and integrity?

What is wisdom? How do we get it? How would you define it? Some say wisdom is the natural byproduct of possessing knowledge and experience, yet how can it be that some individuals who are intellectually brilliant and have a background of broad experience, can still woefully lack wisdom?

This week on the debut program of “Time for Wisdom” on Sunny FM, 11am-Noon on Sunday, March 5, 2017, we’ll begin exploring Biblical perspectives related to wisdom in everyday life, how to get more wisdom, and how wisdom is developed by the application of knowledge and experience to life situations using the most prudent means possible, i.e. with the help and grace of God. Often the difference between demonstrated wisdom and the lack thereof, is the approach used in seeking the same outcome or solution.

Each week on “Time for Wisdom” we’ll apply the lessons and principles of the Bible to current events and life situations as examples to learn and live by, and to grow in wisdom.

-Pastor Jeff Helsius